Placeholder ImageBPD Scotland is a brand new page.

I am borderline, also suffering from PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. I am extremely frustrated about the lack of support for us as a community in Scotland.

I am based in Lanarkshire, and am currently receiving treatment from the community mental health team. Nevertheless it is still scary and frightening when your only support is professionals.

I am equally frustrated at the lack of willingness of people who have this diagnosis to stand up and say that the provision of appropriate treatment is insufficient or even non existent depending on your location. I would like BPDScotland to become a large powerful voice for all people in Scotland desperately wanting the gold standard treatment, and to be validated and accepted in both the mental health community and the wider world.

I believe that we can forge a community of support, understanding and hope in spite of this debilitating illness.


please be patient this site is currently under construction

Please contact me if you want me to add specific events or content 

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