The snail

Sometimes it feels like you have the world on your shoulders. You can actually feel your shoulders being pushed down to towards the floor, and it is hard to stand up straight, when it is easier to give up.
When I saw this snail climbing the wall of our house this morning it made me think simply of the struggle a snail puts in every day, it doesn’t move far in a day; but it never gives up, and slowly but surely makes tiny movements to get to a safe place to spend the day. 

There is a message in there somewhere. 

No matter how slowly I feel that I am making progress overall, I will get to that safe place, I need to remember my DBT is my shell, my protection, my BPD is the weight of that shell.      I do not need to lift that weight, I can simply move it like the snail. 

However when the danger of darkness comes, I can submerge myself in my shell of DBT safely till it’s safe to come back out and keep on moving. 

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