First Blog Ever

The pressure here is immense, I have never written a blog, or built a website before, but feel that I need to begin this launch day with a post.

We are all aware of how important first impressions are, but I am here not knowing what impression I am wanting to make.

In this brief introduction I am going to tell you a little about myself.

I have only being diagnosed BPD for about 12 months after a period of observation for nearly 12 months prior, along with several co-occuring illnesses; PTSD, Anxiety and Depression (although i do not feel that this list is complete, but struggling to get this point across to my CPN)

The past year has been so turbulent it is hard to recall the mess that I found myself in.

I am still trying to understand what has happened, what is going on inside my brain, and ultimately how to fix it.

I have survived a fair few suicide attempts, currently a self harmer, and completely misunderstood by my family leaving me isolated and alone and easily triggered.

I have already realised that there is no quick fix, and there is a lot of work involved in recovery, but before we can even look at recovery we need to fully embrace the word acceptance.

My CPN believes that I am not fully there, and until I am; recovery is going to be an uphill struggle.

Please join me on the road to recovery, because we have to believe it is possible, currently this is not a life worth living; but I want this to change.

Not sure how to add a link to my twitter account, but if you want to follow my daily struggles and accomplishments I am @BPDScotland

My loves in life are photography, music, poetry, and as time goes on, I am sure that I will let you into the depths of my soul and share these passions with me.



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